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Happy Birthday Green Jam!

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

We can’t believe it is a year since we launched Green Jam. Taking the step out of the corporate world to prove to ourselves that we could build a successful, independent EV infrastructure business was exciting, but daunting. Some said madness, given the first lockdown had just been imposed. Those who know us will also know we relish a challenge.

We put countless hours into shaping Green Jam into a key strategic resource for businesses looking at decarbonising transport. Listening to customers and adapting our approach to fit how they wanted to work with us. Twelve months later we have advised, designed, built and operated energy infrastructure for fleet operators responsible for over 65,000 vehicles, across the electric vehicle spectrum.

The support of our family, friends and the EV community has been crucial in building this enterprise and we thank you all for your advice and guidance. However our customers, many of which are large organisations, have had to take a leap of faith to work with a start-up. Earning a place on supplier frameworks is often a difficult barrier for start-ups to overcome. We value the trust you have placed in us and hopefully we have shown the benefits can outweigh the risks of working with small businesses.

To celebrate our birthday, we have three very limited edition Green Jam polo shirts up for grabs. We are always asked about the origins and meaning of our name as it often means different things to different people. So here is your chance to tell us what the name Green Jam means to you (keep it clean and kind). Post a reply with your thoughts and the best three answers will win the merch. Competition closes at 5pm on 9th April 2021.

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