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"Electric transport is niche, I can’t see it taking off…”

This was the quote that greeted us as we started Green Jam, three years ago today, from an Operations Director at a large fleet operator. It now serves as a reminder of just how far our business, and the industry, has come in a relatively short period.

Undeterred by our initial knock-back, we began to meet like-minded folks who knew the transition to electric commercial vehicles was only a couple of fleet-buying cycles away. Whilst they kept a close eye on the emerging models and use cases of early vans, trucks and buses, we studied their property portfolios and developed practical plans to support a gradual adoption of EVs.

Since 2020, the growth trajectory of Green Jam reflects the sheer scale of EV development and deployment in the UK, and our advocates from those early days have been instrumental to building an enviable client list. We are so grateful that the successful word of mouth approach has allowed us to avoid trudging around the conference circuits and writing sponsored articles.

Today our clients represent some of the largest retail, supply chain, manufacturing, waste, construction, and professional services companies in the UK, along with some of the largest EV manufacturers and ChargePoint Operators. Establishing links between these companies has allowed us to explore the boundaries of the EV ecosystem and supply chain, seeking out collaboration opportunities for complementary businesses.

The influence of ESG strategies, particularly linking the impact of decarbonisation projects to wider corporate aims, is playing a greater role in our work in 2023. The environmental and social impact of operations is now as important as the services they provide. And it’s not just us who thinks this way. Such a mindset is clearly represented in the tender expectations of business that our clients respond to.

There is a natural link between SBTis and long-term infrastructure design and planning. Fully costed roadmaps for change give the senior team the confidence to embark on such a journey. The development of flexible, future-proofed solutions that can integrate together will start to remove some of the barriers to achieving these decarbonisation targets.

Whilst on the subject of quotes that drive us, we were proud to hear from a client who said on a recent Teams call, “What I love about you guys is you don’t sell us stuff, you just help solve our problems.” For Green Jam to be recognised by a client as a problem solver is a far better accolade than any industry award (although we like these too!).

Now we are three years old, we have been told we can work in the public sector, an honour we could have only dreamed of in the spring of 2020! We’re ready for year four and the challenge of operating electric vehicles at scale, and the opportunities this will bring.

Many thanks to those of you who have brought us this far, you know who you are.

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